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Content Strategy & Social Media

fiona andrews content strategy, social media

Content strategy is crucial to the success of any website – it shows visitors that you are current and up-to-date, and also keeps your website relevant to search engines, ensuring you will rank higher in search results. This is a great complement to SEO services.

Editorial Schedule – writing & editing regular blog posts optimized for
social media and search engines, based on pre-existing keyword strategy
Ongoing social media posts – creation of minor artwork, sharing links,
videos, and multimedia on all social networks (mainstream and niche) to
engage your followers and drive them to your website
Email campaigns – take full advantage of your address book to showcase
new content and services with well-executed email newsletters and
Coverage of live events – conferences and shows are a great way to show
how active you are in the community surrounding your industry. Make sure the
influence continues online by sharing photos, a blog post, Facebook posts, and
Promotions – develop and implement social media promotions to increase
exposure and drive additional traffic
Analysis – receive a weekly analysis (and additional reports from email
campaigns) of what worked and what didn’t in order to continually improve
social media initiatives