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Below please see a selection from my portfolio. Additional samples are available via email upon request.


Content Strategy & Social Media

EXCELL Education Enterprises

  • Complete website design, including content writing: EXCELL Education
  • Weekly email blasts via MailChimp
  • Data management (maintain a list of over 200 prospects and segment via various identifiers to send highly targeted messages)
  • Facebook page management: Facebook
  • Print design
  • Book cover design: For sale on Amazon
  • Ongoing blogging

DoubleTake Boutique

Case Study: Bringing Social Media to ERA D2C

Marketsmith sponsored the Meet and Greet Lounge at ERA’s D2C convention in September. But rather than do the standard logo-on-an-easel branding and hand out pens emblazoned with our insigna, we kicked it up a notch and renamed it the Meet and Tweet Lounge. The goal was to integrate the Lounge socially: we wanted people to tweet at @marketsmithinc, and we wanted to live-stream red carpet photos of visitors on a huge screen. Key factors to our success were ensuring all our branding was consistent online and off, our accounts were all connected, it was easy for people to connect with us, and that the Marketsmith brand was an identity with which people would want to be associated.

As people began arriving we shot a quick photo on the red carpet. All the photos we took were on our Instagram account, Tweeted, uploaded to Facebook, put on our website, and later e-mailed – we were on all major platforms, so there was no way someone in a photo would not see a copy of it. People tweeted using our hashtag, and smiled when their words appeared on the display. Others caught a glimpse of their photo on the screen as part of the live-streamed slideshow. Universally, attendees saw the value of creating a digital record of the event and were thrilled when we explained they would be able to find and connect with anyone who came to our Lounge on the internet at a later time, whether they remembered a face, a name, or a company. People were following us on Instagram, saying “let’s be Facebook friends,” and Tweeting to meet up for drinks after the day’s events were through – even people on the East coast were getting involved in our conversations. We met an Elvis impersonator and famous UK pitchman John Parkin, snapped photos of CEOs in funny hats, got 1-on-1 product demonstrations, and made friends from all over the world with whom we are still connected. The event was something nobody had ever seen at D2C before.

This is the point of social media. For organizations, it’s about leveling with consumers and interacting on their terms. It’s about establishing your values and voice to be more approachable and build brand equity. It’s about generating positive brand sentiment and being an organization your customers want to be associated with. For individuals, it’s about staying connected and interacting with people or organizations you may have only met once, but who can add value to your life. It’s about sharing information, memories, and laughs. It’s about developing your unique brand, expressing yourself, and projecting your personality into another dimension. Whether you are a person or an organization, social media is about creating and sharing opportunities.

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Case Study:Where On The Jersey Shore is Barbara Scaffidi?

fiona andrews content strategy

Realtor Barbara Scaffidi, the Jersey Shore Specialist, was looking for a way to boost her social media presence and cement her reputation as an authority of all things Jersey Shore. Together, we developed a scavenger hunt campaign: clues were released via social media about a specific location on the Jersey Shore, and a time was given where followers could find Barbara in order to collect a prize. This tripled Facebook engagement, and increased dialogue with local businesses. Check out the Facebook photo album and Web page detailing the promotion. All copy and graphics were created by me.


Creative Services

 fiona andrews graphic design work

This is a full-page advertisement that ran in the print magazines Multichannel Marketing and DM News.

fiona andrews graphic design

A ten-foot panel of a trade show booth

fiona andrews graphic design
This character was placed on leaflets for a major UK pharmacy and distributed nationwide.
fiona andrews creative services
This image was part of a campaign based on the children’s TV show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

 fiona andrews graphic designer
This page was used to feature baby photos in a yearbook.
fiona andrews creative services
A poster promoting the 2012 spring opera at Syracuse University
fiona andrews infographic

An infographic using a specific brand’s colours (data has been changed)