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Search Engine Optimization

fiona andrews SEO search engine optimization

SEO is a subtle yet effective way of gaining customers by letting them find you. Think how your customers would search to find you, and ensure your website is built in a user-friendly and search engine accessible way. Regular maintenance and updates should be made based on an in-depth analysis of ongoing efforts.

  • Keywords – determine search volume and how potential visitors would try to
    find you, then choose keywords for each specific page on your website

  • Content – weave keywords into content in a readable and elegant way
  • Meta – check the tags, links, and headings to ensure search engines see your
    website the way humans do

  • Backlinks & directory submissions – create and maintain high-quality
    backlinks, and disavow poor ones. Earning links on high-ranking domains
    shows search engines that your website is also high quality.

  • Analysis – see a report each week of how your rankings are increasing, and
    how the traffic driven to your website is behaving